Exchanges & Platforms
The Company's ordinary shares are admitted to trading on AIM. The ADRs are traded on the OTC market in the USA.
Securities in Issue
The total number of ordinary shares of 0.10p in issue is 1,322,492,227. No shares are held in treasury.
Securities not in Public Hands
The percentage of the Company's ordinary shares not held in public hands is 4.95%.
Restrictions on Transfer
There are no restrictions on the transfer of securities.
Significant Shareholders
The following tables show those shareholders who have a holding of 3% or more of the Company’s issued share capital (except treasury shares) and the shareholdings of the directors of the Company.
Name No. Ordinary Shares Current % of Issued Share Capital
Charles and Alexandra Manners 59,389,783 4.48
Peter V Wale 46,364,000 3.51
James & Kimberley Chisholm held by Lenark Pty Ltd and Kifaco Pty Ltd 44,834,954  3.39


Director No. Ordinary Shares % of Issued Share Capital
Peter V Wale 46,364,000 3.51
John Peters 20,500,000 1.55
Alan Broome 147,319 0.01

All options currently issued by the Company have vested and are:

Holder Number Exercise Price Expiry Date
John Peters 10,000,000 £0.01 30/06/2018
John Peters 20,000,000 £0.01 30/06/2019
Alan Broome 3,000,000 £0.01 30/06/2018
Alan Broome 3,000,000 £0.01 30/06/2019
Peter Wale 2,000,000 £0.01 30/06/2018
Peter Wale 2,000,000 £0.01 30/06/2019


Shareholder information on this page last updated 1 December 2017